"As an elected leader, it has been my honor and responsibility to serve and protect taxpayers and to be accountable for solving problems and delivering results. I strive to represent all constituents fairly by acknowledging our differences while honoring our shared desire to live independently and pursue our own dreams and aspirations."

Smart transportation solutions to keep SW Washington working

I support:

* The bipartisan effort to replace the I-5 bridge that has the support of our 3 ports, business alliances, a majority of SW WA legislators, city and county governments.

* Affordable short and long-term solutions that improve safety, flexibility and choice such as the bus-on-the shoulder pilot, expansion of voluntary ride-sharing and commute reduction incentives, and an off-peak delivery program pilot.

Help businesses start, grow and prosper for more jobs and a vibrant economy

I support:

* Reform of B&O tax system to allow small business owners to keep more of what they earn.

* Review of state’s 700+ tax exemptions to determine which pay taxpayers back

* Increased investment in job development, training, apprentice and community college programs 

* Cutting unnecessary red tape to allow innovation, development, job creation.

* Exploring mitigation and enforcement for businesses hurt by unfair Oregon business practices. 

A high quality education leads to good jobs, a bright future

I support: 

* Personalized learning options, high standards to prepare young people for jobs. 

* More investment in career-connected programs in high school and community colleges

* Collaboration with employers to ease transition between high school, job training, or college.

* Full funding of basic K-12 education, lower local levies, better accountability for outcomes.

Priority-based budgeting to eliminate wasteful government spending

I support:

* Prioritizing and funding core services first; government cannot do everything

* Accountability for results, efficiency and innovation; spending produces measurable outcomes 

* A more transparent process, open to public comment and scrutiny 

* Ending the practice of robbing dedicated funds to feed over-spending

Open and responsive government that puts citizens first

I support:

* Expanded options for citizens’ voice to be heard in Olympia via computer or phone testimony. 

* Regular open, and in-person town hall meetings. 

* Improved and timely access for residents of the 18th district in Olympia, on the phone, and in email. Your voice matters to me and I will listen.

Privacy, freedom, and liberty form the foundation of a just society

I support:

* Limited government focused on core functions that produce measurable results

* The right of all citizens to live free of unnecessary interference

* Respect for individual property – money, land, possessions, intellectual property

Safe streets ensure strong, healthy, livable communities for all 

I support: 

* Increased opportunities for law enforcement agencies to modernize equipment and training

* Expanded programs of outreach into communities to build strong relationships with all citizens. 

* Increased accountability to ensure effectiveness, fairness and efficiency.

 Support for vulnerable citizens ensures stable families, dignity for all

I support:

* Investment in effective programs to address rising drug abuse and mental health issues

* Programs to mitigate long-term care costs for individuals and families. 

* Increased flexibility in creating innovative programs and partnerships best suited to local communities.

* Stable housing, basic health care services for all citizens

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