Battle Ground Reflector Highlights Kathy's Campaign

From The Battle Ground Reflector:

Kathy Gillespie is the first candidate to emerge from the left. Less than a year ago, as the Democratic nominee, she lost to Pike in the general election. 

Gillespie said she was inspired to take another swing at the seat as she watched lawmakers in Olympia continue to squabble among themselves while managing to accomplish very little. 

“Last session has to be one of the worst on record in terms of legislation passed, time in session and really delivering value to people like you and I,” she told The Reflector after her announcement. 

She points to her work with an over $300 million dollar budget on the Vancouver Public Schools Board of Directors as evidence of her ability to effectively manage taxpayer dollars. 

“I think I’ve got the experience after eight years. I can build the relationships, work with people toward solutions and help government become more performance-based,” she said. “Today we all are on the losing end of Olympia’s divisive, hyper-partisan squabbles. We see dysfunctional government and accept the disappointing result — our tax dollars wasted. The damage done by those who obstruct and divide has dimmed our faith in government, hurt our communities and eroded our trust.”

You can read the whole story here.

Calling 18th District supporters spreading the message of my campaign far and wide.